New food trend: healthy chocolate

One Fat Frog has some important chocolate news for you, so you better listen up: You know that person who always insists that chocolate is healthy because “it’s a vegetable?” Okay, I’ll admit that person is me. But it’s not actually true. Chocolate is high in sugar and other not so good stuff and the cacao seed is not a vegetable, either. But all of that may change soon. Well, part of it. It still won’t be a vegetable.

We’ve known for years that dark chocolate is better for you than milk chocolate. The dead giveaway is that milk chocolate tastes so much better, meaning it must be worse for you. Traditional dark chocolate is made of 70% cacao, but a new trend is to make chocolate using 100% cacao, at least according to a reporter at The Daily Mail, who probably interviewed some expert for the piece, though it doesn’t really say that.

Anyway, according to the article, the overall trend toward healthier food should result in more 100% cocao chocolate, which will be healthier for you and me. Well, for you at least. This Frog will stick with milk chocolate, thank you very much. You can currently buy 100% cocao chocolate bars from a few chocolatiers, such as the Grenada Chocolate Company, just in case you’re interested. The 100% cocao chocolate is rich in antioxidants and free of sugar, making it healthier than milk chocolate or traditional dark chocolate.

Another trend we should start seeing soon, according to the article, is to have probiotic cultures in chocolate, just like in our yogurt now. Chocolates with those cultures are already being sold at some specialty shops. Probiotic chocolate bars have only 72 calories and have approximately one billion Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium bacteria, which I assume is a good thing.