One Fat Frog has rotisserie ovens

Ah, there is just something special about food from the rotisserie. Maybe it’s the slow cooking of the meat. Maybe it is how evenly the food is cooked by the constant turning. Maybe it’s the extra flavor brought on by cooking and basting the food in its own juices. Whatever the reason, One Fat Frog loves good rotisserie cooking. If you agree, you’re in luck, because the Frog h as a few options in rotisserie ovens here in our warehouse.

Hickory 10.10 Rotisserie Oven

Hickory Rotisserie

This Hickory rotisserie is a fantastic double stack rotisserie oven. You’ll often find this model or one like it in supermarkets and other places where they want to slow cook and/or warm a large amount of chickens at the same time. This is a gas rotisserie that allows you to cook up to 50 chickens at a time. What’s more, the two oven compartments operate independently of each other, so if you want to use one for cooking and one for warming, you can. This is a great space saver because it is tall and thin, so you get a lot of rotisserie oven without it taking up much space.

Hobart HRO505 Rotisserie Oven

Hobart rotisserie

This Hobart rotisserie is a small countertop electric oven. The picture here shows two of them stacked on top of each other, which can be another way to go rather than the countertop route. Each of these Hobart rotisseries can cook 15-20 chickens at a time. This rotisserie oven has curved glass doors and cooks with convection heat. If you want a rotisserie but are really hurting for space, this countertop model could be best for you.

Henny Penny SCR-8 Rotisserie Oven

Henny Penny rotisserie

This Henny Penny rotisserie is another single deck oven that can be used on a countertop or stacked. It’s a gas oven. This rotisserie comes with digital programmable cooking presets, which takes the guesswork out of your cooking. The stylish look, including tempered glass door, makes it a good display rotisserie. Let your customers watch it cook and then look for their mouths to start watering.

If you’re interested in any of these rotisserie ovens, come by the One Fat Frog warehouse on Sand Lake Road. We would love to show them to you. Financing is available as well.