Dontcha wish your oven was hot like me?


It’s been unusually cold for Florida lately. That’s why a pizza oven is the PERFECT way to warm up.

Restaurant owners have to stick together. Protect your equipment from the cold! But I’ll stop talking about the weather and start talking about this awesome pizza oven.

If you’re a pizzeria owner, a restaurant entrepreneur, or just a flat out fan of some great pizza, check out this wood burning oven. It’s a brick Renato oven, model AR600S. Sometimes the model seems like a bunch of mumbo jumbo, but this one is a surefire winner. It’s a gas assist oven, so it’s nice and efficient for your restaurant.

Restaurant entrepreneurs can also add this pizza oven to your fancy schmancy summer kitchen. If you’re outdoor with the family and cooking up a feast, just remember to invite One Fat Frog over for the day. We’ll heat up the party.

Regardless of whether you really invite us to your feast, just make sure that you take charge as a restaurant/pizzeria owner. You need the best of the best. Don’t settle for anything less. Your equipment should highlight your signature tomato sauce or that family recipe you’ve been wanting to share in your restaurant.

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment wants to see all you restaurant owners checking out this beauty in the warehouse. Hurry in before the Renatos are gone! Slap some pepperoni on that pizza with thin crust and you’re good to go. Just save me a slice when you’re done dancing around and celebrating this awesome pizza oven.


You know you wish your oven was hot like ours. Dontcha?