Creepy staring at One Fat Frog

This morning I was on the phone speaking with a client who was looking for financing. It was a rather long conversation and I now feel that I know everything there is to know about – let’s call him Stan – and his life as a truck driver before he decided to open a restaurant business. Stan talked about all of his hopes and dreams and how, with our help in getting him financing for his restaurant, he will be able to turn his life around and become successful. Once the restaurant is a hit, he plans to open up 10 more around the state.

Anyway, while I was on the phone with Stan, I kept noticing something odd out of the corner of my eye: a creepy guy staring at me. There was a man sitting at one of our tables writing something and I kept catching him looking at me. Whenever I looked back to see if he needed anything, he would look back down at the paper. Weird.

So I started wondering is he listening in on my conversation? I hoped not, because I try to keep all finance conversations with clients private. So I started talking quieter to make sure Creeper couldn’t hear. But then Stan said he had trouble hearing me and he needed me to speak up.

After I hung up with Stan, Creeper walked up to me and handed me the paper he was working on. It turns out that he was at One Fat Frog interviewing for a job and because the boss found out that he has worked as a caricature artist, Creeper was asked to draw a caricature of me. So I guess he wasn’t creepy after all. That means he’s going to need a new nickname, at least if he gets the job.

I think he did a good job on the caricature, too. What do you think?

Jerome caricature Jerome_Restaurant