One Fat Frog loves underdog success stories

UCF-Fiesta-Bowl-jpgAmerica loves the underdogs, those success stories that no one saw coming. Those stories of David defeating Goliath or someone with no money pulling themselves up by their bootstraps are ingrained in American culture, perhaps because as a little British colony we were once huge underdogs ourselves. Did you catch the Fiesta Bowl last night? It’s being called the biggest upset in BCS bowl history, and as a UCF alumnus, I couldn’t be prouder of my Knights for knocking off Baylor, who were 17-point favorites. As a matter of fact, I’m still in kind of a “holy c**p, I can’t believe we won” kind of hangover (and also an alcohol-related hangover, but that’s different).

One Fat Frog is also champion of the underdog. We see underdogs triumph whenever someone with a dream of owning a restaurant and a desire to work for themselves walks through our doors. Sometimes these restaurant entrepreneurs have little more than a dream; sometimes they’ve never even worked in the food service industry. With a little financing, a little consultation, some great prices on used restaurant equipment, and all of the encouragement we can offer, One Fat Frog has seen those same entrepreneurs succeed in the competitive restaurant industry.

If you’re starting a new restaurant, you’re an underdog. You’re going to be going up against stiff competition from large chains and established small restaurants in addition to the challenges faced by any small business owner. But that’s what makes the success stories so exciting. UCF defeating Baylor wouldn’t have been as thrilling if not for all of the “experts” saying it wouldn’t happen. David’s slingshot slaying of Goliath wouldn’t have been as exciting if the people around him hadn’t laughed at the thought of the small shepherd toppling the warrior. So if people tell you that you won’t succeed as a restaurant owner or if they tell you how hard it is to succeed as a restaurant startup, just remember how much more satisfying it will be when you accomplish your goals. Such is the thrill of being the underdog. One Fat Frog says to embrace it.

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