Happy Boxing Day from One Fat Frog

Happy Boxing Day from One Fat Frog! According to the calendar on my phone, today is a holiday called Boxing Day, though a quick Google search determined that no one knows why it is called that or what we’re supposed to do to celebrate it. Because I worked in retail while I was in college, though, I know how most people are celebrating: by putting all of the presents they pretended to love back in their boxes and returning them to the store.

Influenced by TV commercials and people who love getting stuff, our society has determined that Christmas is about buying stuff and getting stuff. So we spend all of our time leading up to December 25 going around to stores looking for the perfect presents for our loved ones. We then watch with great joy on Christmas morning when they unwrap the gifts and we see how happy our perfect presents made them, knowing it reaffirms our love for them and it proves how well we know them. Then the next day, while we take back the gifts we didn’t like, they secretly do the same.

I guess the moral of the story is that stuff won’t make you happy, no matter how much of it you have. There are things in life that can help make you happy, though, such as following your dreams, being your own boss, and doing what you love. Those are reasons so many of our clients enter the restaurant business with plans to become first-time restaurant owners. Some come to One Fat Frog because they love serving others, some because they have a passion for food, some because they have worked for so many horrible bosses over their lives that they can’t stand to work for anyone ever again. Whatever the reason, buying restaurant equipment from One Fat Frog can be the gift that keeps on giving, kind of like a yearlong subscription to the Jelly of the Month Club. If your dream is to run a restaurant or to never answer to a boss again, walking through our doors could be a major life-changing event in your life. No Christmas gift can do that, not even an Xbox One (at least, probably not).

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