Earn free restaurant equipment at One Fat Frog

Like you, One Fat Frog absolutely loves free stuff. That’s why we were so excited today when our friends from Tartini Pizzeria & Spaghetteria came by to visit. Like many of our clients, they were kind enough to bring us some food – in this case two boxes of their delicious wood-fired Italian-style pizza. I can assure you that nothing makes the eyes of a Frog light up quite like seeing a box of fresh pizza sitting on the counter, except maybe for that time we were brought a cheesecake.

Anyway, it’s not all about us. As much as One Fat Frog loves getting free stuff, we also love giving free stuff. After all, in the spirit of Christmas, we recognize that it’s better to give than to receive. With that in mind, we have started a new promotion:

  • If you finance or lease restaurant equipment, the Frog will give you a free handwash sink.
  • If you can beat the boss at pool, we’ll take $100 off.
  • Spend $5K on used equipment and get a free handwash sink.
  • Spend $10K on used equipment and get a free 3-compartment sink.
  • Spend $30K on used equipment and get to take a single Frog to dinner*

That last reward should be really enticing. If you’ve visited the One Fat Frog headquarters before then you probably have noticed that we have several moderately attractive eligible bachelors and bachelorettes.

Here’s some legalese: These offers cannot be combined, so if you finance $5,000 you don’t get two hand sinks and if you spend $10,000 you don’t get a handwash sink and a 3-compartment sink. However, you can combine the $100 off for beating the boss at pool with another deal. If you can beat him at pool, you deserve $100 off, even if you’re also getting a sink or the extreme privilege of taking a single Frog out to dinner. To quality, the sale must be completed by December 28.

* You pay for dinner. Must not be creepy.

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