Still time to register for ServSafe

If you want to attend the ServSafe food manager and handlers test on December 19, you still have time to register but you don’t want to wait any longer. The last thing you want to do is wait too long and then realize after it’s too late that you can’t attend. Believe me, I know. One time I showed up for a Black Crowes concert the day after they played. I had my tickets and was excited about going, so I even marked it on the calendar at work so I wouldn’t forget. It turns out that the person who printed the calendar had the date wrong. I was planning on going Tuesday, March 13, but March 13 was a Wednesday. Long story short, I realized when I showed up at the House of Blues that something was wrong; the band had played the night before.

You don’t want this to happen to you. The ServSafe class is an important one. If you are going to be a manager or restaurant owner, you need to be certified for food safety. The ServSafe classes hosted at One Fat Frog headquarters provide that certification. Here’s the catch, though. You can’t simply show up the day of the class and say you want to attend. You need to be pre-registered. To register for the class, simply call One Fat Frog at 407-480-3409 and we will sign you up.

The ServSafe class will be taught by Chef Jeff Rotz. He is a renowned chef and founder of Chefs Helping Chefs. If you have taken the class before and simply want to renew your certification, you can skip the class and simply retake the test. Spots in the class are filling up, so you if you need to get certified, call the Frog.

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