One Fat Frog is your home for restaurant equipment

One Fat Frog is your home for restaurant equipment and it is also a home for those who work here day in and day out. We don’t use the word “home” lightly. We go to great lengths to make our offices, sales floor, and warehouse into a comfortable and friendly environment. It is our hope that the Frog headquarters is a place where you feel equally comfortable buying equipment or kicking back with a few beers.

Whenever I think of your normal corporate environment, I think of a scene from The Drew Carey Show. Drew and his friend Kate were doing research on the owner of their department store, Mr. Lauder. Kate then stumbled upon an interesting piece of trivia:

Kate: Did you know he invented the cubicle?

Drew: No way!

Kate: Originally, it was a cage, but he experimented and found out you only need three walls and people are trapped in their minds.

I’ve worked in a cubicle. I’ve worked at a Dot Com startup that patterned itself after the casual atmosphere of the Google headquarters. To me, One Fat Frog is much more like the latter. Last week, a vendor who came into the office shared that same sentiment. He looked around and marveled that “this place has the feel of one of those Dot Coms.” I’m not sure what he was expecting us to be like, but we all took it as a compliment.

You spend most of your time at work, so why not make it relaxing and comfortable? As for our clients, we hope to extend that comfort to you. That’s why we have ridiculously comfortable leather sofas in the waiting area. If you have to wait for a salesperson, why not wait comfortably? From our furniture to our décor to other aspects of the ambiance – the stereo playing music from this Office DJ’s collection and the TV introducing team members – our goal is to make One Fat Frog feel like home to both employees and clients. Anyone who walks through our doors should feel like they are hanging out with family. So come on over to our house and say hi.

☛ 2416 Sand Lake Road, Orlando, FL 32809

☏ (407) 480-3409

❂ Mon – Fri: 9AM – 5PM

❂ Sat: 10AM – 3PM