Free giveaways at One Fat Frog

At One Fat Frog, we absolutely love free stuff. Today there was a special treat in the One Fat Frog office – literally. You see, a client bought a used soft serve ice cream machine. Well, we can’t just send it over to them without thoroughly testing the machine to make sure it works, can we? So the technicians did as they always do with our used equipment that we sell: They cleaned the machine, inspected it, and conducted rigorous diagnostics. The final step of that testing is to see if the machine actually makes quality soft serve ice cream. The result of that test was found on the desks of all of the Frog team members and I have to say that it was quite a delicious product test. (On a related note, I’m really helping someone buys our used movie theater popcorn machine soon).

It was pretty exciting to be surprised with free ice cream, even though my nutritionist says I should “learn how to say no.” Whatever. I’m perfectly comfortable saying no to that advice. As much as the Frog loves freebies, we know that our clients love them as well. That’s why we’re sure to always have something free to offer to our clients.

Today some clients came in to take home their 60-inch Samsung HD TV. They won it during a promotion we held before Thanksgiving. Currently we have a promotion giving away what would be great Christmas presents. If you spend $10,000 on used restaurant equipment, we’ll give you a free Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. If you buy a prep table, we’ll throw in cutting boards for free. If you’re good at pool, you can turn that into a freebie as well. Our owner is pretty confident in his pool skills, so if you can beat him in a game of pool, he’ll slash an additional $50.00 off our already low prices on equipment.

One Fat Frog has free giveaways all the time. In the past, we have given away slicers, TVs, PlayStations, iPhones, and more. What can I say? Christmas is the giving season and One Fat Frog is a giver at heart.

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