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ImageIn case you didn’t know, One Fat Frog is in the business of making dreams come true.  Now you may ask, “Hold up, are you telling me that One Fat Frog can fulfill my dream of catching a Tim Tebow-thrown Super Bowl winning touchdown on the surface of the moon?!”

No.  Don’t be crazy.  Although getting you to the moon would probably be more likely than Tebow playing in a Super Bowl, we don’t specialize in those kinds of dreams.  Our dream-making abilities exist in the realm of restaurant equipment financing.   That is to say, if your dream is being your own boss by opening up your own restaurant, bar or bakery, then we’re your Huckleberry. 

Now, let me explain how we work our magic by painting a picture that may be all too familiar to you.

Imagine yourself working at a job you hate (shouldn’t be too hard for most people).  You spend your days counting down the seconds until you are free to enjoy what you are really passionate about; could be family, sports perhaps, or maybe you really love cooking.  You’ve always been told you are a great cook and you’ve flirted with the dream of opening up your own restaurant, but life and lack of money keeps getting in the way.  What if we told you it that with our help, your dream was not only attainable but also affordable?

Well, this is exactly what I’m telling you.

One Fat Frog has an in-house restaurant equipment finance department that will work with your credit needs and fight to get you approved.  We offer incredible financing options for customers with no credit, poor credit and finance troubles.  Our financing and leasing programs allow you to hold on to your capital and can adjust to your cash flow needs.  These are programs that allow you to grow your business without the hassle of a SBA loan.  Minimal paperwork is needed and many deals can be approved same day!  Our Finance and Lease Department has a high turnaround response and an equally high approval rate.  Click here to print out our finance application.  Fill it out and send it to us and we can get you approved today!

You can fax your application to 407-985-5797 or scan and email it to

There you go.  I’ve just laid out how you can achieve your dream of being your own boss.  Now all you have to do is give us a call.

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