Restaurant Startup Tip: Use your menu to determine what restaurant equipment you need

Needed for calamari
Needed for calamari

There tends to be two types of restaurant entrepreneurs. There is the kind that has worked in the restaurant business for years, as a chef or a server or maybe a manager or general manager. That restaurant entrepreneur knows a lot about the industry and usually has a good idea of what is needed for their restaurant. The other kind of restaurant entrepreneur has never worked in food service before for whatever reason decided that owning a restaurant is how they should make their living. That type tends to have less knowledge about what is needed for their restaurant to be successful. One Fat Frog gets both types of entrepreneurs, though today’s Restaurant Statup Tip is intended mainly for the latter.

When you decide to start a new restaurant, one of the first things you usually do is come up with a menu. In fact, before you’ve made any serious plans and owning a restaurant is just something you think “would be pretty cool someday,” you’ve probably imagined some of the dishes you would serve. Hey, I know I will probably never own a restaurant, but if I do we will have amazing cheesecake.

Once you know what dishes you want to serve at your restaurant, you can use that information to determine what restaurant equipment.

you need. If a client tells us they don’t know what equipment they need, one of the first things we ask is “what are you going to serve?” Let’s say that you know you’re going to serve fried calamari as an appetizer. That tells us a lot about the restaurant equipment you will need. Just go through the steps of preparing, cooking and serving the calamari. You will need a walk-in refrigerator for storing the dairy products. You will need a store room for the breading, flour and seasonings. You will need a freezer for storing the calamari prior to its being prepped. You will need a prep table to clean, cut and bread the calamari. You’re going to need a reach-in cooler for storing the prepped calamari. You will need a fryer (or pressure fryer) for cooking the calamari. So just because you’re going to serve fried calamari, we can tell you that you need to buy a refrigerator, freezer, prep table, cooler and fryer.

If you’re intimidated by the amount of equipment needed for one dish, remember that the equipment is going to be used for many different dishes. You’re also going to fry wings, onion rings, chicken strips, fish, etc. If you plan out what items will make up your menu, you’ll have an idea of what equipment you will need. If you don’t know what equipment is necessary for those dishes, don’t worry. That’s why One Fat Frog has an experienced sales staff. In fact, one of our salesmen, Chef TJ, also serves as a professional restaurant consultant. So come on down to One Fat Frog and we will help you plan your kitchen.

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