Restaurant Startup Tip: Buy Used Equipment

If you’re a loyal customer of One Fat Frog or a longtime reader of this Froggy Blog, then today’s Restaurant Startup Tip will seem obvious. But for the rest of you, this could be huge. When you’re preparing to open a restaurant startup, there are a lot of expenses that you need to take care of. You need to put a lot of money into your restaurant startup before it ever starts making money for you. For that reason, you need to save money wherever you can. One of the easiest and smartest ways to do that is to buy used restaurant equipment instead of buying only new stuff.

A look at part of the Frog warehouse
A look at part of the Frog warehouse

You know that having top of the line commercial restaurant equipment is necessary in order to have a good restaurant. Even the best chef will struggle if he has to work with inferior tools. That doesn’t mean you have to pay a lot of money for your equipment, though. Think of it like buying a car. If you buy a car brand new, there are some advantages. You know it’s in great shape, it has that new smell, it comes with a factory warranty, and more. If you buy a 20-year-old car, you may be buying junk. It might be on its last legs and ready to die at any moment. Even though it’s cheap, it may not be a wise purchase. For that reason, the best deal on cars is to buy barely-owned cars. Buy a car that’s a year old. It still has low mileage, probably has nothing wrong that will need repairs soon, and costs significantly less than a brand new car.

Now apply that to restaurant equipment. You still want to buy the top names and the best equipment out there. Brands like Vulcan and Manitowac are like the Cadillac and Mercedes-Benz of the restaurant equipment world, but if you buy then new, you’re paying Cadillac prices. If you buy that same equipment used, you’re getting it for prices more like a new Ford Fiesta (which you wouldn’t want for your restaurant).

If you buy used restaurant equipment, you often save more than 50% off of the new price. Sure, the equipment isn’t as pretty. There are going to be some scratches and dents. When you walk through our warehouse, that charbroiler may be missing a knob (which we will replace before shipping to you). But is it worth paying double the price just so the equipment looks a little prettier? I’d say no, especially if you consider that we will paint it for free.

One Fat Frog deals primarily in used restaurant equipment because most of our clients are startups and we know buying used makes starting your restaurant a lot more manageable. We still stand behind the quality of the equipment. We run all of our used equipment through rigorous diagnostic testing before sending it out the doors so we ensure that the equipment is working just as well as a new model. After we deliver it to your restaurant (which we will do for free to most of Florida), the equipment is covered by our 30-day parts and labor warranty. If something goes wrong, we’ll send somebody to fix it.

You can buy new restaurant equipment if you want. If money is no object because you’re loaded, maybe it’s a good idea to have that piece of mind that no one has used this equipment before you. However, for most restaurant entrepreneurs, buying used restaurant equipment is the way to go. One Fat Frog is the largest dealer of used equipment in Florida, so come on by our warehouse to check out our selection.

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