Meet a Frog: Chef TJ

TJ’s photo coming soon

It’s time for yet another installment of Meet a Frog. You better be paying attention, because there will be a test on One Fat Frog staff members later.
Terence “T.J.” Connor is our newest salesperson and is also our resident chef and restaurant consultant. T.J is from a small town in the Philadelphia suburbs called Villanova. You’ve heard of it if you’re a fan of college basketball, because Coach Jay Wright’s Villanova Wildcats seem to end up in the NCAA Tournament every year.

Anyway, T.J. started working in the restaurant industry at the age of 15. It turns out all you need to get around all of those pesky labor laws is a forged signature of your mom on a work permit. What can I say? The guy loves the restaurant biz so much he had to get started early! Don’t worry, though. His business practices are completely legit now (but if he offers to sell you an autographed Michael Jordan rookie card, be skeptical).

T.J. has worked in the restaurant industry ever since, working his way up from bus boy to executive chef and restaurant general manager. T.J. graduated from the prestigious Culinary Institute of America in upstate New York. If you haven’t heard of it, maybe you need to pay attention to schools that do not play basketball. He has worked for many prominent chefs in Philadelphia, New York, and here in Florida. In case you’re wondering, Chef Boyardee is not one of them.
Chef T.J. joined the One Fat Frog team a couple weeks ago to lend his expertise to the practice of selling restaurant equipment. He has used most of the equipment you’ll find in our warehouse, so he knows what you need and how you should use it. To that end, he also serves as a consultant. For years T.J. has served as consultant for new and existing restaurants, increasing their efficiency, developing menu strategies, training management, and otherwise being That Guy who tells you what you’re doing wrong and how you need to improve. T.J. is such a nice guy that he will offer his consulting to One Fat Frog clients at a reduced rate.

T.J. loves food almost as much as he loves drinking a beer on the beach listening to Jimmy Buffett. In his spare time – just kidding; T.J. doesn’t have any spare time. Froggy Blog readers can look forward to reading some Recipes of the Day from Chef T.J. in the future.

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