Restaurant Startup Tip: Give Customers Easy Access to your Restaurant

If your restaurant startup is going to be successful, one of the most important factors is making sure your restaurant is in a good location. We’ve said that before, in terms of the location’s demographics, proximity to competition and metro areas, and more. This time we are examining how easy your restaurant is to access. One Fat Frog loves eating out at restaurants, but we’re also lazy and we like eating out to be as easy as possible. So think of your target customers as lazy Frogs.

Your restaurant startup could be in a good part of town, but if it isn’t highly visible you will reduce your business simply because people won’t know about it. Or even if they know of your restaurant, they don’t have a visual reminder. I’ve been to some great restaurants that are located in the basement of a store or in the back of a large strip mall. Those restaurants were good but their locations put them at a disadvantage. Ideally, you want the restaurant to be at a street corner, because that means people can see you when traveling two different streets. The more often people drive by your restaurant, the more likely they are to decide to stop by. You want people to be as familiar with your restaurant as possible, so you want them to keep seeing you.

Another factor is how easy it is for customers to turn into your restaurant. If they have to drive past for a few blocks and then make a U-turn, that reduces the number of customers who will go to that trouble. Remember: lazy Frogs. If your restaurant is located at an intersection with a lot of congestion, people may avoid it for the traffic problems (but on the other hand, you are getting great visibility). Also make sure your parking lot has enough room for everyone. There is a zero-percent chance a potential customer will come in and dine at your restaurant if they pull into the parking lot and there is nowhere to park. Another problem is if the only parking available is on the street. Some people are scared to parallel park because they haven’t tried it since their Driver’s Ed course, so you may lose those potential customers.

These may all seem like little things, but when you’re opening a restaurant startup, a lot of little things add up to big results. Make sure your restaurant is in a good location with easy access and you have a leg up.

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