Coffee shop launches food drive for thief

One Fat Frog loves stories like this because it’s the perfect combination of uplifting and just plain weird. It’s the story of a man who stole from a tip jar and the offended coffee shop that offers to help him out. An unnamed man walked into a coffee shop in Stow, Ohio called the Nervous Dog Coffee Bar. After buying his coffee, the man reached his hand into the tip jar, grabbed a handful of money, and walked out.

Normally, the coffee shop would call the police, file a report, hand over the surveillance video, and hope an arrest is made. That is not what the Nervous Dog Coffee Bar did, though. Instead, they decided to do what they can to help the thief out.

“We assume that if he was desperate enough to steal tips, he’s probably in desperate times,” says Manager Scott Moses. Therefore, the company decided to launch a food drive, asking people to donate food for the unidentified man. They even posted an invitation to the man on their Facebook page, saying that if he comes back in, they will give him the food donated for the food drive, no questions asked. And, we assume, the police won’t just happen to be waiting there.

“In the holiday spirit, we decided to help this guy out,” says Moses. The first person to donate to the food drive was the barista who served the man. So far they have collected about 3 boxes of food. If the man comes forward, they will give him the food. If he doesn’t, they will donate it to a food bank, so I guess it’s a win either way.

Many have praised the coffee shop for being so compassionate, though on the Facebook page have said that they are rewarding stealing. Some skeptics might even wonder why someone so desperate for cash would spend money at a coffee shop. Regardless, it’s a nice story to hear around the holidays. Well, the compassionate part about the food drive is. The part about the stealing and about being desperate for money isn’t so great.

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