Meet a Frog: Jeremy

JeremySince Travis was nice enough to introduce himself yesterday, I guess I should do the same, though I’m a few weeks late doing so. My name is Jeremy and even though I’m not a Seminole, as a UCF alumnus, I am still an avid Gator Hater, much to Travis’ chagrin. I have a lot of jobs here at One Fat Frog, but the most important is probably being the Frog DJ, keeping good music pumping through the office speakers. Everyone around got really sick of hearing the same Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus and Imagine Dragons songs over and over, so nowadays we mostly listen to CDs from my collection. I guess another thing you should know is that I’m a Florida native, so I sometimes say southern-isms like “nowadays.”

After writing a post yesterday about all of the hotel equipment that we have here at One Fat Frog, it got me to thinking about my own hotel experiences. For the most part, they haven’t been good. Most of my experience staying in hotels has been with my parents, and they only seem to stay at hotels that have a number in the name. You see, most of my life I’ve been poor. By the time my parents were making enough money to no longer be considered poor, I was an adult living off of my own income, which meant I was poor again. As a result, our hotels were always whichever one had the cheapest coupon. Sometimes they were worse – I once stayed at a one-star motel in Bonifay, Florida on a job interview and I still have nightmares about it.

office-hotel roomWhen you are paying dirt cheap prices, you don’t expect your hotel room to have a lot of amenities. I didn’t expect Jacuzzis, marble floors, private courtyards, or anything like that. There were some amenities that I expected that my hotels often lacked, though, such as toilets that flushed. Another time the door didn’t close all the way so we were all freezing and my dad slept with his loaded gun right next to him so he could pull it on any intruder. Strange stains on the comforters were expected so I always knew to take those off and not let them touch me. Probably the worst hotel we stayed at was bad simply because of its ominous appearance. You’re not reassured when the front desk clerk is protected by both metal bars and bulletproof glass.

Still, I look back at those hotel stays with fond memories. I got to spend time with my family, which is a luxury many don’t have, and we all survived staying at shady hotels. If you’re opening a hotel, I hope it’s better than the places I stayed and I’m sorry if there is a number in your name and I’ve offended you.

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