The little things that lead to a successful restaurant

One Fat Frog knows that the little things in life are a big deal. You tend to focus on the major things, but those little things can make a big difference, whether you realize it or not. That’s why One Fat Frog does all of the little things to help you out when starting a new restaurant, such as free delivery, free custom painting, free gas conversion, free shuttle from the airport, and more. Sure, we could charge for those services. Or we could not offer them at all. But those little extras are part of what makes working with the Frog so special.

The same holds true for your restaurant. The restaurant entrepreneur needs to know that every little thing you do at the restaurant for your customers is noticed and every little thing makes a difference. Customers notice whether or not they were greeted and served in a friendly manner. They notice how your bathroom looks. At a minimum, it better look clean enough to eat off of the floor. Ideally, the bathroom looks like a beautiful décor picture on Pinterest. Customers notice your wine variety, menu layout, prices, decorations, food presentation, ambiance, uniforms, the font that your name is written in, and more. That means you need to pay attention to them and put thought into making them pleasing to your customers.

Little things that lead to a successful restaurant are having comfortable chairs, a balanced menu, a staff that makes customers feel welcome, a comfortable ambiance, etc. Sometimes it is that special something that sets you apart, such as a unique theme or promotion. Whatever it is, there are countless little things that add up to a lot and make a big difference in whether or not your restaurant will succeed. Putting thought into the little things as well as the big is highly recommended by the Frog.

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