cocktailing at a casino & random pool decks

Back in my day… no, I won’t bore you with more of my version of band camp stories.  What I will say I understand the urgency of keeping your clients with food and drink, the fine line of too much drink that leads to restroom, holding a machine for a good customer, getting them food so they keep feeding the machine, bringing them cigarettes and water and even towels to wipe their face.

So, whether it’s a real casino or your pool deck, let’s talk about the importance of a good cocktail waitress (oh wait that’s the lingo of my day, I suppose we now say, server?).

Let’s talk about the casino- the intent of the casino is not that you’re making money through drinks on the floor, the intent is that you are keeping customers at the machines which will create revenue for the establishment.  So a good server will make tips based on server but ideally also increase revenue for the casino by making the customer as comfortable as possible to increase the length of their play.  This is a little bit different philosophy from that of a server who is used to turning covers and should be reflected in a training program with regular focus on upselling other events the casino may have.  Servers should also identify key players to the floor boss.

Nowadays I spend lots of time by the pool and see how a good server on the deck can increase sales of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.  Let’s say I’m there with a few random children (well not really so random but sometimes I’d like to just have a Calgon moment take me away or the Corona on the beach without four spongebob monsters splashing me) and the right server can make a bundle for me.  With the two year old it’s not always easy to go stand in line for the pina colada but you bet if they came and took an order I’d be in!  Add in that they have overpriced popsicles or kids drinks and I can charge it to my room?  You have a recipe for increased sales on the pool deck.

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