One Fat Frog open Black Friday

Have you recovered from your turkey and gravy coma yet? If so, you can head into the One Fat Frog warehouse, check out our selection, and do your Black Friday shopping. I know that this is a day when you normally hit the mall and go around looking for Christmas presents for your loved ones, but you can also make it a day of shopping for your restaurant startup business. Why not do a little shopping for you today? Also, we’re close to the Florida Mall, so there’s no reason you can’t do both.

It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is already over and done with. I guess Packer fans find it easy to believe. The way their team was crushed on national television, the day probably seemed rather long (sorry, Packer fans). Or if you had too much to drink and are nursing a Black Friday hangover, you’re probably glad that Thursday is over and are looking forward to the end of this day as well.

At the Frog, we’re basically treating today like any other day. We are here in the office, waiting to sell you some equipment, ship your equipment, finance your equipment, and all of the usuals. Of course, since it’s Black Friday, we’ll treat it a little differently by knocking some extra money off of our already low prices. If you want to find out how low our prices can go, you need to come in today and ask. We’re also open tomorrow, if you want to come by on Saturday.

Thanksgiving is a great day and I know all of us at the Frog enjoyed the time off. We also enjoyed helping Golden Corral put on their “Helpings from the Heart” Thanksgiving dinner. Despite all of that, the holiday must always come to an end. If you need a break from your family – because we all need a break from family every now and then (especially that one crazy uncle) – then come visit your Frog Family here at One Fat Frog. And if you come in, can you bring us some cold leftover turkey sandwiches? That would be great.

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