back in my day…

Now that I’ve got an extra gray hair I guess I have to look back on life and explore the stories that all start with … Back in MY DAY.

So back in my day…

Today I’ll start with my stories about working a Casino in Montana.  What? You say you didn’t know there were casinos in Montana?  At one point Montana even allowed games against the house but then legislature changed and we only allowed games that were not against the house.

I remember being a young girl and cocktailing at big fights.  The pay-per-view was on the big screen and I was probably the only gal in the place short of the bartender who was also the owner’s sister.  (Might I add, she rocked and we would make watermelon drinks and have to taste them, but let’s be honest it was more a man’s bar.  Frilly umbrella drinks never went too far there.  So here’s all of me, maybe 18 at the time with a tray swinging beer and whiskey like there was no tomorrow and pay-per-view on, sound blasting.  I went home with my pockets stuff full of tips, too tired to count the cash as I rounded home at four in the morning.

I became rather adept at laughing, joking and generally making people think I was drinking because tips became higher if they thought you were drinking with them.  I actually had a few people offer to drive me home and yet I was stone cold sober.  It’s all in the presentation, baby.

On other nites I remember cocktailing to poker tables.  One of my friends was a dealer and men would come to play when she dealt.  She was a gorgeous tall amazon, a family of six sisters… blonde, perfect model physique and just so sweet, but dealing cards like a pro.  Her brother also played.  Don’t think she dealt him any favors.  He was gorgeous a logger as they came.

We also had poker machines in the house.  You could cash advance money on your credit card when you needed to.  On some level you would know when a machine had not hit in days and which one would be the next one to hit.  I never quite knew the formula but knew if you put in a few hundred she might hit.

My low points in this job- one day having to meet a client in the woman’s bathroom with her cash advance she signed so she could gamble.  Her husband had asked her not to cash advance anymore.  I told my boss I didn’t want to do this.  He wasn’t too happy with this.

Another time was when customers came to buy beer after cut off to take to their hotel room.  My boss said I better give them the beer.  I looked him square in eye and said I wouldn’t- it was illegal.  He stomped off to the beer cooler, retrieved the beer and rang them up.  He told me to f- off.  I smiled and said, baby, problem is a lot of these girls here, they f-d on to begin with, I never did f-on so I can’t f-off.  I left that nite.  Ce la vie.  I knew right and wrong and wasn’t going to break the law for a drunk.

Boss came by my house the next day, gave me my job back and gave me a $50 raise.  Only day I ever got a raise after telling the boss to f-off.  Okay, so only time I ever told the boss to f-off.

Back in my day…

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