Restaurant Startup Tip: Take Advantage of Low Prices

For first time restaurant owners, there are a lot of expenses that go along with opening that restaurant startup. For that reason, it’s important to save money everywhere you can without cutting corners. That’s why One Fat Frog offers so many different money-saving options.

When it comes to buying restaurant equipment, you can get low prices by buying the equipment used. Just because someone else owned the equipment before, it drops steeply in price so you can get the same high quality restaurant equipment for less. Most of the inventory at One Fat Frog is used so we can help first time restaurant owners like you get on their feet.

As for how you pay for the equipment, there are a couple ways you can save money. If you don’t have the money to spend up front, you can finance your restaurant equipment and pay for it in low monthly installments. That is cheaper in the short run, but financing does make you pay more in the long term, since you will pay interest. If you want to pay less over the long term, you should pay cash. That can get expensive, though, which is why you should look out for great bargains like the mega sale on used restaurant equipment that One Fat Frog is running right now. I know you’ve heard of us talk about it, with crazy prices like double deck convection ovens for only $1900, 72-inch prep tables for $1400, and whatnot.

Looking for special low prices applies to more than just your restaurant equipment, though. If you haven’t noticed already, food prices tend to fluctuate. That’s why a lot of restaurants have specials of the day where they offer dishes that are not usually on the menu. The restaurant entreprenuers are taking advantage of food that dropped in price, allowing the restaurant to buy it cheap and then sell the menu items at a nice profit.

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