One Fat Frog Client to Open Italian Restaurant Startup

At One Fat Frog, we often say that the difference between a dreamer and an entrepreneur is action. This country has a great history of entrepreneurism; some would even say it’s what made the nation great. But until you take action, until you start working toward your dream, you’re still just a dreamer. There’s nothing wrong with dreaming (aside from that nightmare of mine that just won’t go away), but dreams won’t pay your bills.

A few weeks ago Tom came to the One Fat Frog warehouse, looking to turn his dream into a reality. Tom had worked for years as a chef in a variety of restaurants, but not long ago he decided that he should open his own restaurant and work for himself. Tom isn’t just a dreamer, though; he’s an entrepreneur. After a careful search, he found the perfect location for his Italian restaurant, an abandoned building in Fort Myers, Florida, and made an offer for the lease. He came to One Fat Frog with a list of restaurant equipment needed to start up his restaurant, which included some prep tables and refrigerated display cases.

Tom had already spent a lot of money on his restaurant and knew there was a lot more to be done, so it was important for him to cut his startup expenses as much as possible. To do so, he bought all of his equipment used, paying less than half of what he would have if he bought the same equipment brand new. He also took advantage of our easy financing options. Tom opted for a 36-month lease to own deal, where his monthly payments are ridiculously low, as was his down payment. “It will take a while before the restaurant is making money,” he said, “so I want to keep these payments low while I’m living off my savings.”

Tom’s Italian restaurant is set to open at the end of November and even though it’s over in Fort Myers, I think I’ll have to make a trip over there to see it. I just love seeing people chase their dreams, especially when they succeed.
Tom once told me that he had always wanted his own restaurant, but he didn’t make the decision to go for it until working for a horrible boss at his last job.

“Working for him, I just knew that I had to get away and start my own business,” he said. Since I have a wonderful boss (I hope she’s reading this), I don’t really understand how he feels, but I imagine it’s a relief to have to answer only to yourself. And your customers. And your investors. Okay, I guess Tom still has to answer to a lot of people, but he’s excited about this next chapter of his life and I’m excited for him and his restaurant. And I can’t wait to try the chicken parmesan!

One Fat Frog is honored to know that we played a small part in Tom realizing his dream and opening his restaurant. Tom is not alone, though. He’s one of countless success stories we’ve had walk through our doors. Through great prices and easy financing, One Fat Frog can help you open a restaurant startup as well. The question is: are you a dreamer or an entrepreneur?

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