Restaurant Startup Tip: Regular Maintenance of Restaurant

It’s time for another safety tip from your friends at One Fat Frog. If you’re wondering why we’re so passionate about safety in the food service industry, it’s because we want to be able to eat in your restaurant. An unsafe restaurant environment will ruin any evening, no matter how good the food tastes. We want new restaurant entrepreneurs to focus on safety so diners like us can feel comfortable eating at your restaurant place. Today’s safety tip is all about maintaining a safe restaurant.

Once you bring in quality used restaurant equipment, get the kitchen cleaned up, and are operating your business, you don’t get to rest on your laurels. Regular maintenance is necessary to make sure the restaurant continues to operate safely and efficiently. That means regularly inspecting and testing your restaurant equipment. If something breaks, get it taken care of as soon as possible (don’t use the “just duct tape it” solution!). All coolers, freezers, and refrigerators should be tested to make sure they are cooling to the correct temperature. All cooking devices, such as ovens, fryers, ranges, and charbroilers should be regularly tested to ensure that they are heating to the correct temperature. If they are heating to a different temperature than you think, your food’s not going to be as good and, worse yet, some of your food may be undercooked and unsafe.

Other areas of the kitchen must be tested and maintained as well. Air conditioning ducts and water tanks should be cleaned at least once each year. The ceiling tiles or fixtures should be inspected and cleaned regularly. The kitchen (and entire restaurant) needs to be kept clean and free of pests. If any signs of pests are found, it should be immediately reported and dealt with. If there is evidence of one pest, there could be a lot more, which could lead to contaminated food.

All of these tips come from renowned food safety expert Chef Jeff Rotz, who teaches the ServSafe class right here at the One Fat Frog headquarters in Orlando. The class is necessary for Florida’s mandated food safety certification and you must pre-register for the class to attend. If interested, call One Fat Frog at 407-480-3409. The next classes are as follows:
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Dec  18, 2013 at 11 am

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