Restaurant Startup Tip: Finance Used Equipment

Here is another tip for restaurant startups courtesy of One Fat Frog. For the first time restaurant owner, there are a lot of upfront costs, a daunting amount for many. Reducing the amount of money you spend before your new restaurant has even had its grand opening is what you need to do. So how do you do that?

One way to spend less when opening a restaurant startup is to buy used. That is why One Fat Frog stocks mostly used equipment in our inventory. Used equipment can be purchased for a fraction of the price of the same product new. If you get used equipment, you can buy more equipment for less money and still have the same high quality; no need to downgrade to inferior brands.

Another way to spend less when opening a restaurant startup is to finance your equipment. If you buy the equipment outright, that’s another big purchase before you have your first customer. However, with easy financing options at One Fat Frog, you can make a small down payment and then simply pay off your equipment on a monthly basis thereafter. That way, you’re paying as you go. You’re paying smaller amounts each time, and many of those payments will come after your restaurant is making you money. Unless you have some sort of cash cow that is helping you open the restaurant, financing your restaurant equipment just makes sense.

One Fat Frog has quick, no-hassle financing available, with approval often within minutes. You can even fill out a credit application online and send it to us now and we’ll let you know how much credit you are pre-approved for. It’s just one more way that One Fat Frog is making your restaurant dream as easy to achieve as possible.

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