Restaurant Startup Tips: Keeping a Clean Restaurant

Chef Jeff knows safety
Chef Jeff knows safety

It’s time for the next installment of One Fat Frog’s tips on keeping a safe restaurant kitchen. As you know, One Fat Frog is a big advocate of food safety, in part because we have to eat out as well, so you want to make sure our gastrointestinal systems aren’t assaulted. That’s why we host the ServeSafe classes. And that’s why we’re posting a series of blogs on food safety. Today’s tip is on cleaning and disinfecting your restaurant kitchen.

Cleaners and sanitizers are your best friends when it comes to keeping a clean and safe kitchen. You should come up with regular schedules for cleaning. Don’t leave it until the end of the night. Cleaning should be done throughout the day on a regular schedule. Make sure, however, that the cleaning tools and supplies never come into contact with food.

What should be cleaned and sterilized, you ask? For starters, everything that you touch with your hands in the kitchen. Also, everything that food or prep tools come into contact with. If in doubt, assume that it needs to be sanitized. When you are cleaning, you should wear protective gloves, which should of course be disposed of before you go back to working with food. And of course you should wash your hands thoroughly then as well.

Your sink and dishwashers are important as well. Your 3-compartment sink should have the standard setup of a compartment for washing, a compartment for rinsing, and a compartment for sanitizing. As for the dishwashers, they should be washing at a temperature of 82 degrees Celsius or more. Wait a second, little froggy, you say. This is America. We don’t do metric. Okay, so let’s make that 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

Proper cleaning and sanitation goes a long way toward ensuring that you have a safe restaurant startup. All of these tips came from renowed chef Jeff Rotz, who teaches the ServSafe class here at the One Fat Frog office. To get more tips and register for the certification class, call the Frog at 407-480-3409. The next ServSafe food safety classes are as follows:

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