Restaurant Startup Tip: Personal Hygiene

abservsafeOne Fat Frog is serious about food safety, because nothing ruins a restaurant experience quite like food poisoning. That’s why we hold ServSafe classes right here at the One Fat Frog office, to make it as easy as possible for our restaurant-owning friends to get certified and produce meals that are both delicious and safe. If you are a first time restaurant owner, you need to have a safe kitchen, because customers aren’t going to come back if they get sick from your food, no matter how good it tastes.

Today’s food safety tip is probably the most obvious. It’s all about having the proper personal hygiene. The following guidelines apply to anyone who touches food in your restaurant, including the cooks, servers, and everyone else.

The most obvious personal hygiene tips probably go without saying. Even the sloppiest frog knows to wear clean clothes and keep fingers and nails properly cleaned. If you have any cuts or sores, they should be covered with waterproof dressing and of course your gloves.

If you are working in the food preparation area, you should not be wearing a watch or any jewelry, including your wedding or engagement ring. Why? Because you wear those daily and don’t wash them. They are full of bacteria. Trust me on that and try not to think of your bacteria-filled wedding ring as a symbol of your marriage.

You should also not wear any perfume, cologne or aftershave in the food preparation area. This is both because you don’t want them to rub off onto the food and also because you could trigger the allergies of a co-worker, leading to unwelcome coughing or sneezing, which of course is also a no-no around food.

As for your hands, you should scrub them thoroughly (think of what you’ve seen surgeons do) every 30 minutes. You should wash your hands before touching food for the first time and after any break or any time you have handled anything dirty. If you follow these tips, you’re one step closer to having a clean and safe kitchen, which is a must if your restaurant startup is going to succeed.

These tips and more are taught at the ServSafe class hosted here at the One Fat Frog office. The classes are taught by Chef Jeff Rotz and provide the certification required by the state of Florida. Here are the upcoming dates for the ServSafe classes:

Nov 9, 2013     11 am
Nov 20, 2013  11 am
Dec  18, 2013  11 am
Jan 13, 2014   11 am
Jan 25, 2014  11 am
Feb 10, 2014  11 am
Feb 22, 2014   11 am
Mar 10, 2014   11 am
Mar 15, 2014  11 a.m.

You must register in advance for the class, so be sure to call One Fat Frog at 407-480-3409 to register.

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