Restaurant Startup Tip: Avoid Cross Contamination

CHEF TEACHINGHere is another important food safety tip from One Fat Frog. As you know, the Frog is big into food safety, partly because we’ll probably eat at your restaurant at some point so we want to protect our own immune systems. Today’s food safety tip is all about avoiding cross contamination.

The key to remember to avoid cross contamination is to keep unalike things separate. It’s like your laundry, where you need to keep colored clothes separate from whites, etc. In this case, raw uncooked food needs to always be separate from food that has been washed, cooked, and/or prepared. If they come into contact with each other, you have just contaminated the food that is ready to be served.

Similarly, you don’t want any of your utensils, such as knives, to be used for both raw meat and food that has already been washed and prepared. It is recommended that you use color codes for your knives and cutting boards to make sure they are kept separate. Again, if you use a knife or cutting board on raw meat and then use it for “clean” food that is ready to be served, you’re going to end up with some sick diners.

To avoid contamination, you also want to keep all food covered during transport and storage. Make sure that all food prep equipment has been cleaned and sanitized. Similarly, make sure your hands are clean and that you’re using gloves when working with food that is cleaned and ready to eat.

Follow these rules and your diners should be able to enjoy their time at your restaurant without getting unpleasantly accustomed with your restroom. All of these tips and more come from Chef Jeff Rotz, who teaches the ServSafe class right here at the One Fat Frog office. The ServSafe classes provide the certification you need from the state of Florida to manage or own a food service company. To register for classes, call One Fat Frog at 407-480-3409. Upcoming ServSafe classes are listed below:

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