Wahlberg brothers to star in reality TV show about their restaurant

WahlburgersGood news for people who can’t get enough TV shows about running restaurants (you can count this Frog as part of that group). There is a new restaurant-themed reality TV show on the way to A&E and it’s starring the Wahlberg brothers, two-thirds of whom are pretty famous.

Wahlburgers is a Boston restaurant owned by actor Mark Wahlberg, actor Donnie Wahlberg, and non-famous brother Paul Wahlberg. The restaurant is a low-priced burger joint – not the kind that you expect to be immortalized on the screen, unless of course the owners are famous. One Fat Frog has heard that those burgers are quite delicious, but we haven’t had the opportunity to head up to Boston to try them (I tried to convince my boss that the trip was necessary to write this blog post, but she disagreed).

It has been mostly Paul Wahlberg running the restaurant to this point, because Donnie is busy starring in Blue Bloods on CBS and Mark is busy acting in various movies and trying to make us forget that he used to go by Marky Mark. For the show, Donnie and Mark head back to Boston to help Paul run the restaurant. The cameras will follow the three brothers around and, we assume, hijinks will ensue (we’re guessing the pilot episode doesn’t end before Mark takes off his shirt and starts doing pushups).

The show will be called “Wahlburgers” and it has a time slot that almost guarantees success, following megahit “Duck Dynasty.” Going from the Robertsons to the Wahlbergs, that should be one interesting night on A&E. In case you were wondering, when promoting the show an A&E executive described the Wahlbergs as being “one of America’s favorite families.” What do you think?

As for the menu itself, you should know that Mark’s signature burger is the Thanksgiving Burger, which has turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, butternut squash and mayonnaise. Donnie is more of a barbecue kind of guy, with his signature burger being the BBQ Bacon Burger. I guess I always figured that.

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