Happy Veterans Day from One Fat Frog

veterans-day1One Fat Frog would like to wish you a happy Veterans Day. The Frog is very supportive of the brave men and women who serve our country and we thank you for your service. So do you have big Veterans Day plans?

To me, Veterans Day is all about parades, eating great food on the grill, and honoring our brave servicemen and servicewomen. And sometimes pancakes, as I said on Friday. I did most of my Veterans Day celebrating on Saturday, which means in addition to those delicious pancakes, good grilling, parades, and honoring our soldiers, there was also college football, making it pretty much the best day ever.

If you’re off for Veterans Day, you should come by and visit your friends at One Fat Frog. The Frog is open for business because we know you’re busy and tend to use the few days off you have to conduct business like buying restaurant equipment. If you’re a veteran, the Frog would love you to stop by today just so we can shake your hand and thank you in person. And possibly sell you some restaurant equipment, because that’s kind of what we’re here for, right?

Some of the best chefs I’ve come across were veterans, possibly because they were compensating for the bad food they had in the service. Or maybe there’s something about being a veteran that makes you excel at everything you do because that’s how you were trained. Or maybe it’s just a coincidence. In any case, if you’re a veteran who wants to start your own restaurant, the Frog supports you and has faith that your restaurant dream will be a success, unless your menu consists of MREs, in which case you need a backup plan.

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