So you want to own a Restaurant, bar or grill in the state of Florida?  Your life’s ambition is to have your own food truck? Let the Frog help you meet the Florida  Division of Hotel and Restaurants requirements for Food Manager Certification testing. 

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment offers state accredited ServSafe Food Managers Certification testing programs.  If you read Florida Statutues, section 509.039 it references the law requiring a food manager certification and where you need certification.



Above you will see ServSafe Instructor Chef Rotz who offers ServSafe Food Handlers and ServSafe Food Managers classes at Orlando’s One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment.  The Frog has classes on the weekend and during the week to meet instructional and testing needs of our food service clients.

Recent clients have driven as far as Jacksonville and Okeechobee to our Orlando store for classroom instruction and renewal testing.

It is easy at the Frog!  When you call in to register- we’re only charging $89 for the class & test or test.  Similar class and testing situations may very well run in the $150s.  We also offer classes and Spanish testing.


Do not try this at home.  See picture above of Chef Jeff doing things not meant for those untrained.  (But, but, I just have to ask, doesn’t he look great!)


From weblink as of March 28, 2013 this website relates that Florida law requites Food Managers to complete training and pass a certification exam within 30 days of employment.  The Florida Division of Hotels and Restaurants requires private entities to provide training and testing for Food Manager Certification Training.   This training must be given by an accredited examination program, such as Serv Safe which is offered at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment.  Per Florida law/ statutes, all public food service establishments/ businesses must give the Division of Hotels and Restaurants proof of their food manager certification when requested.  It’s commonly assumed that Division of Hotels and Restaurants will request for proof of food manager certification during opening and routine inspections as per Florida law.

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