Restaurant food safety so important

As you may be aware, this Saturday One Fat Frog is hosting a class on food safety that allows those within the food service industry to obtain the state-mandated certification. Why do we do that? Why does a seller of restaurant equipment host such a thing?

For starters, it’s because the folks at One Fat Frog are such sweethearts and we just want to make sure restaurant entrepreneurs know everything they need to know and have everything they need to have in order to realize their dreams. But you already knew that, right? Another reason is because we’re passionate about food safety. How passionate?

Well, last night this particular Frog was unfortunate enough to buy dinner off of a dollar menu. It was late – too late for a real meal, I felt – so I just stopped at a drive-through on the way home. I ordered a burger-type substance that seemed innocuous enough and everything was fine. My stomach stopped growling so I was happy. It didn’t really matter how it tasted, which is exactly as bland and boring as I expected. Everything was fine. Until about 3:00 in the morning, when I was awakened by a sharp stomach pain.

I won’t go into more detail, but let’s just say the food made me sick. So why did that happen? There’s no way to know for sure, but my first thought was that someone at the restaurant did not practice proper food safety. Was the food not cooked long enough? Did it sit out for too long on the warmer? Did the person handling the food not wash thoroughly enough?

All of those things and more can lead to a night (or morning) that is absolutely ruined for a diner. And here’s the thing: It doesn’t just happen at those cheap fast food restaurants. I’ve had it happen at restaurants that I love. Rest assured, though, that if it happens to someone more than once at your restaurant, they will rethink whether they want to continue eating there. It doesn’t matter how great your food tastes.

That’s the real reason we host food safety classes: So this Frog can eat at your restaurant without worrying about getting sick. Can you think of a better reason?

For more information on the food safety class, call One Fat Frog at 407-480-3409.

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