FDA to ban trans fat

Here’s another major development in the food service industry that One Fat Frog just isn’t sure how to process. The FDA is proposing banning trans fat. Now, the Frog is pretty sure that trans fat is unhealthy, and doctors are always saying that is clogs arteries and whatnot. However, the Frog also really loves a lot of food that has trans fat. What can I say? This Frog loves to eat, healthy or not.

The FDA is proposing removing trans fats from the category of “generally recognized as safe.” They would then ban trans fat from food, including in products where there is currently not a large enough amount of trans fat for disclosure of that fat to be required. If the ban goes into effect, companies could only sell food containing trans fat if they have scientific proof that their product is safe. Given the scientific community’s current opinion on the fatty oils, getting such proof seems unlikely.

What does that mean for consumers? It could mean a big change for frozen pizzas – that staple of my diet that I rely on every time I get hungry and am too lazy to cook something, microwave popcorn, and more. Companies would have to start making those foods using healthier ingredients, ditching trans fats for good. According to the FDA, eliminating trans fats is for the greater good and could save 7,000 lives per year as well as prevent 20,000 heart attacks annually.

Other recent crackdowns on trans fats by the FDA have resulted in many in the food service industry dropping or reducing trans fats from their food. As a result, from 2000 to 2009, American consumption of trans fats dropped by 58%, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The American Heart Association recommends that you don’t eat more than 2 grams of trans fat per day. The One Fat Frog staff nutritionist keeps telling me I can eat “none. Just stop eating trans fat. Stop it!” So he’s pretty happy about this news coming from the FDA. What about you?

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