Hoppy Halloween from One Fat Frog

Today is Halloween and One Fat Frog is pretty excited about that. It’s the one time of year when you get to live out your fantasies by pretending to be someone else. Did you always want to hijack ships and steal treasure? Dress up as a pirate and have some fun. Did you always want to be a nurse but couldn’t get into med school? That doesn’t mean you can’t dress as a sexy nurse today. Just be careful with those latex gloves. They’re really cold.

I would be more in the holiday spirit right now but I’m still a little hungover from last night’s Halloween party. No one should let this frog drink that much on a Wednesday night, but at least the beer was delicious from their keg-a-rator (shameless plug: We can sell you one of those for your own parties).

Today if you stop by the Frog and visit us, be sure to come in costume. If you’re wearing a costume, we have a bowl full of candy and we’ll happily give you a handful. If you come in a frog costume, we’ll double your candy payday. If you come  as a sexy frog, I’m not sure what you’ll get but we’ll probably ask you to dance for us (normally Seni does the dancing for our costumers instead).

frog costume
Frog Costume
sexy frog costume
Sexy Frog Costume

If  free candy doesn’t excite you, don’t worry. We have lots of other freebies at the Frog. Aside from our usual free shipping, free gas conversion, and free custom paint jobs, through Halloween we are having the Spooktacular Sale, where you can get a free slicer, free fryer, or even a free flat screen TV. The Frog just loves freebies because we know you love freebies.