FDA set to regulate animal food

One Fat Frog is going to take a rare break from thinking about our own food to thinking about food for pets and livestock. We’re all animal lovers here so we’re intrigued by talk that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration could soon be regulating dog food, pig feed, and basically all food that is given to animals by humans.

The FDA recently announced plans to regulate animal food in basically the same way in which they currently regulate food for humans. The legal authority to do so was granted by the Food Safety and Modernization Act in 2010. According to the FDA, they want to begin regulating animal food in order to prevent disease and lead to healthier animals and, in turn, healthier people.

Currently food for animals, whether they’re pets or livestock, is basically unregulated by the government. The industry is self-regulated, which he industry says is good enough, but clearly that is not always the case. We all remember that scare six years ago when large amounts of dog food imported from China turned out to have been contaminated by melamine. A lot of dogs died and even more got sick. The resulting outcry was the impetus for including animal food in the regulatory overhaul of the Food Safety and Modernization Act.

The FDA now plans to put that legal authority into action and began policing the animal food industries. By regulating the industries, they hope that less food will get contaminated, pets and livestock will be healthier, and as a result, the people who eat that livestock will be healthier. Before any regulations will be put into place, the public has 120 days to voice their opinions through a series of public forums. This Frog isn’t sure the regulations will actually improve anything, but the hope of healthier pets and healthier people is definitely a good one.

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