What used kitchen equipment do I need for my restaurant startup?

First time restaurant owners have a lot of questions about how to start their businesses. From zoning to licenses to equipment to menus to hiring employees, there is no shortage of major decisions that need to be made. One such decision is about what equipment you need. At One Fat Frog, one of the most common questions we get is “what used kitchen equipment do I need for my restaurant startup?”

The simple answer is “it depends.” It depends on a variety of factors. First of all, it’s a great idea to buy used kitchen equipment because it will save you a lot of money on supplies. Also, you may be able to get better quality equipment if it means by buying used you can get models that you could not afford new.

As to what types of used kitchen equipment restaurant entrepreneurs need to buy, it depends on you and your restaurant. Your restaurant’s theme and menu is the main determinant, after money, in what kitchen equipment you need. If you own a deli, sub restaurant or sandwich shop, you will need lots of meat slicers, coolers, ovens, and perhaps a bread warmer or heated holding cabinet. Sports bars will need a lot of fryers and keg-a-rators. Bakeries will require a lot of commercial mixers, convection ovens or combi ovens, coolers and display cases.

When deciding what used kitchen equipment you need for your restaurant, you first look at your menu. What will you need to cook each of those menu items? What piece of equipment would be the best and most efficient way to cook that?

Your budget also plays an important factor in determining what used kitchen equipment you buy. Large restaurants with a lot of money to spend can afford to have a large variety of single-purpose equipment. If you are a smaller restaurant on a smaller budget, you might need to get fewer pieces of equipment and focus on more versatile equipment that can do multiple things. For example, if you buy a combi oven, you basically have a convection oven with a built-in steamer, so you won’t need to buy a steamer as well. At One Fat Frog, we not only have a large supply of used equipment for you but we also have a team of experts who can use their industry knowledge to help you decide what equipment you really need for your restaurant. Stop by our new showroom on Sand Lake Road and we’ll talk.

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