How bad is saturated fat really?

One Fat Frog is kind of conflicted when it comes to healthy eating initiates. One the one hand, we love delicious healthy food and support having healthy alternatives to junk that clogs up your arteries. On the other hand, this Frog also loves junk food that clogs up the arteries. People are always bringing donuts and other goodies into the office and who are we to say no?

Well, for a long time doctors and other health experts have been preaching against eating saturated fat, the delicious stuff that is in all of the decadent food that we love. Now some scientists think that maybe the world went overboard and saturated fat isn’t as bad as we thought.

British cardiologist Aseem Malhotra recently released an op-ed in which he said we have it all wrong. He said that the push to reduce cholesterol has not resulted in fewer instances of heart disease, despite the adoption of low-cholesterol diets and cholesterol medication. According to Malhotra, the real problems are sugars and empty carbs, not cholesterol.

Not only does Malhotra say that we need to rethink how we combat obesity and heart disease, but he also blames previous attempts to solve the problem for making it worse. According to Malhotra, in the 1970s, in the wake of the Framington Heart Study, doctors around the world told patients to cut out red meat. Everything also went low-fat, with the fat loss supplemented by adding sugar. The result: Obesity skyrocketed.

This Frog will never stop eating red meat no matter what any doctor says. The problem is, I love sugar and those empty carbs as well. So what am I to do? Probably it’s best to simply reduce portions overall and try not to go overboard on anything. The key is moderation. For restaurant entrepreneurs, maybe offer smaller portions of your meals, but if people want some saturated fat, let them have it. And for the love of god, don’t stop selling red meat.

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