What equipment do I need to open a sports bar in Daytona Beach?

Daytona Beach is one of this Frog’s favorite cities and it is a great place to start up a sports bar. In many ways, the location is perfect for that type of a restaurant. People in Daytona Beach love their sports, yet there isn’t much local for them to go to. Racing fans have the 2 huge NASCAR races at Daytona International Speedway, but that’s only twice per year. Baseball fans have a single-A team (Daytona Cubs), but the closest Major League team is in Tampa. The closest NFL teams are in Tampa and Jacksonville, and that’s only if we’re really counting the Jaguars as an NFL team. The closest NBA team is in Orlando. Why does that matter? It means that the sports fans in Daytona don’t go to games; they watch them on TV. That means they watch the games at home or at your sports bar. So now we get back to your question: What equipment do I need to open a sports bar in Daytona Beach?

TVs and furniture. A good sports bar should have a large number of large, flats-screen TVs. You should have a subscription to various sports packages so people can watch games that are not on their basic cable. That’s one of the reasons to go to a sports bar: to watch a game you don’t get at home. In terms of furniture, you want chairs instead of booths so large parties can group together and so you can rearrange the floor to cater to the games. For example, put all of the Jets fans in front of the TV showing the New York game.

Kitchen equipment. For a sports bar, you’re not going to have customers coming in and ordering steamed asparagus. When it comes to equipment, think of everything that can be fried or grilled. You’re going to need several industrial fryers to cook up your wings, French fries, onion rings, chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, and all of that. You’ll also need some gas grills for cooking up hamburgers and wings. A tilt kettle is great for steaming oysters.

Beer. Lots of beer. The most important product you’ll provide at the sports bar, though, is the beer. You’ll need a lot of it in lots of variety. That means make sure your restaurant has some keg-a-rators so you can offer beer on tap and lots of coolers so you can serve bottled beer as well.

If your Daytona Beach sports bar has all of that, it should do pretty well. The theme and ambiance are also important. Sports team memorabilia is always good. Also, as everyone from Hooters to Wing House to the Tilted Kilt to even the Oyster Pub have found out, male sports fans like to look at attractive waitresses in skimpy clothing almost as much as they love to look at men play football. Incorporating this into your theme can add a little more interest to your new Daytona Beach sports bar. Conversely, you could always be that one plays that says “no, I want you to love us for our beer and wings, not our women.” But whatever you do, make sure there’s plenty of beer and unhealthy fried food.

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