Food bank asks for better food

Seinfeld-muffin-topsOne Fat Frog loves hilarious sitcoms almost as much as we love restaurant food. Remember that old Seinfeld episode where the guy opens up a muffin restaurant that only sells the tops of the muffins, since it’s the best part anyway (the store was called Top of the Muffin  To You)? But they have to do something with the muffin stems, so they try to give them to a homeless shelter but the homeless complain and don’t want them. Well, that’s basically happening right now with a food bank in Arizona.

Matthew’s Crossing is a food bank in Chandler, Arizona and they are now asking donors to be more conscientious about what food they donate. The food bank is grateful for the donations they get, but are asking people to bring them food that is richer in nutrients and lasts longer. Brown rice and beans are extremely high on their wanted list, for example. Donuts not so much.

This Frog’s first reaction was “what, I have no problem eating donuts but they’re not good enough for the homeless?” But then I understood the point: No one should eat donuts, including the homeless. Well, maybe every now and then. They are pretty delicious, especially a warm Krispy Kreme. The point is that since the homeless don’t get to eat as often as you and me, it’s best to maximize the value of what they eat, making them as healthy as possible. And the last thing you want is for donated food to go bad before it’s used, which is why the food bank wants non-perishable food.

Heather Heimsoth, director of development for Matthew’s Crossing, said that they have determined that food banks can play a vital role, either positive or negative, in the obesity epidemic. Their goal is to help everyone, including the homeless, to be healthier. She said that the food bank wants to give out healthier food in order to “help the population that we serve make wiser choices.”

For those who are thinking that donating to food banks would be more expensive if done in a health-conscious way, Heimsoth says not necessarily. “When you look at the options” of nutrient-rich foods compared to less healthy food, “there are cost-saving options for you.”

At One Fat Frog, we support food banks in general as well as promoting health eating. Just as long as I can still have my donuts every now and then.

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