When you need food now

On the way to the One Fat Frog office this morning, this Frog noticed something a little unnerving. As I drove down the highway, I saw a school bus headed toward me in the oncoming traffic lane. The bus driver had a bag of Cheetos on the dashboard and was driving with one hand while stuffing her face with Cheetos with the other. Presumably, she also frequently turned around to yell at kids, because from my recollection, that’s what bus drivers do.

This is an on-the-go society, which means everyone wants to eat and snack while the drive so they don’t have to wake up earlier or take a break. That’s why KFC came up with those new Go Cups. Still, it makes me nervous to see someone multitasking like that while being tasked with safely transporting a bus full of children. So why do people take those risks? Because we want our food and we want it now.

People don’t like to wait, including waiting on food. As a restaurant entrepreneur, you need to remember that about your customers. They don’t want to wait for their appetizers and once those are finished, they don’t want to wait for their entrees. That means, with the exception of things that must cook slowly like prime rib, you want restaurant equipment that gets the job done as quickly as possible. That’s something of great importance when it comes to fryers, which can vary greatly in terms of cooking temperature and the time it takes to get up to maximum temperature. All of the fryers we carry at One Fat Frog, from American Range to Elite and beyond, have reputations for getting top marks in terms of heating speed and temperature. That means less waiting on those French fries, mozzarella sticks, chicken wings, or whatever you are throwing in the fryer. Less waiting will make your customers happy, even Cheeto Bus Driver Lady.

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