Lakeland Restaurant Startup FAQ

Opening a new restaurant in lakeland?  Here are some frequently asked questions that first time restaurant owners in lakeland ask us at One Fat Frog.

Where in Lakeland should I start my restaurant?
Well, that depends on what kind of restaurant you have in mind:
Cheap eats?  Try the FSC (Florida Southern College Neighborhood)
Quick take-out?  Set up shop by the Lakeland Square Mall
Trendy Cafe?  Edgewater Beach
Romantic Dinners?  There are a lot of couples in the John Cox neighborhood.

What kind of food should I serve?
This is entirely up to you.  Any kind of cuisine can make a splash in Lakeland.  You just need to find your demographic and cater to them.  You can’t please everybody.  So know what you want to serve and then market your place to the people who want to eat that!

Should I serve breakfast, lunch, dinner, or all three?All three is going to be tough in the beginning when you are working many of the hours yourself.  They are also three different beasts.  A Lakeland diner is going to cater to early risers before work and probably to an older crowd (through brunch gets younger and can be booming on the weekends, especially near the college).  Lunch appeals to workers but has to be fast (and usually to go) if you want to get regulars who sometimes only have 30 minutes.  As for dinner, that’s often slower crowd so higher checks will be nice for business (and this often means adding alcohol to the menu)

The answer to many questions regarding starting a restaurant in Lakeland is know your clients.

Know your clients, know your target demographic, design your restaurant to cater to the people who will come there most.

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