How to start a restaurant in Lakeland Florida

Starting a restaurant in Lakeland Florida?  Make your restaurant startup a success.  When starting a new business, you want to draw on the experience of those who have come before you.  One Fat Frog has helped new restaurants in Lakeland (and all over Florida) get started and we can help you too.  Get your new Lakeland restaurant started on the right foot using these helpful tips from One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment.

1) Know your clients.

You want your restaurant to have a target demographic.  This will give you struture as you put your place together.  Where do you want to start this new place?  Is it an easy breezy take-out joint by Lakeland Sqaure Mall or a little indy cafe by Edgewater Beach?  Those places are going to have different clients, right?  And you need to know which ones you are going to get and tailor your restaurant to them: menu, pricing, and atmosphere.

2) Check up on the competition.

Make it a mission.  You can pretend you are some sort of Lakeland ninja when you are researching the competition for your restaurant startup.  You don’t need to dress all in black (but you can – if it isn’t the middle of summer).  Just head into the local cafes and see what’s on the board.  Get take out menus.  Order lunch.  See what they are doing, and how they are doing it and determine if you are providing something that they aren’t (or if you aren’t, make sure you have a plan to be doing what they are doing better)

If you’re making Larry’s Lakeland Cakeland right next door to Lenny’s Cakes in Lakeland you want see how you are improving on their process.  Their cakes were good, but they didn’t have anything gluten free/vegan?  Maybe you found where you can do it better.

3) Service, service, service!

So, you checked up on them and found out they are doing a booming business.  You walked into a hip little joint near FSC and waited for 10 minutes and though “Everyone loves this place!  How can I get this kind of business?”Keep calm.  This is an opportunity.  People love the restaurant you want to mak e already and the good news is, when you start it they won’t have to wait in that line.  If you can provide good food and good service they’ll come to you – even if you’re the new kid in town.

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