A little Froggy Update

It’s been a minute but I’ve been busy with a lot of stuff and saving the world … well not the latter but some of it’s been rather important in our little Froggy Restaurant Equipment world.  In no particular order is a list of my observations, anecdotes and stories at Orlando’s new world headquarters for One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment:

  • So the other day I walked passed this popcorn machine I had tagged for myself and set up upstairs in our executive entertainment center.  Imagine my horror when it has a tag “SOLD” and a client name on it.  So, you can only guess the horror on my husband’s face when I sold his man-cave kegerator (hehehe)
  • 100,000 square feet is a lot to walk in high heels.  I’m wearing more flats nowadays.
  • our insurance adjuster came and walked the new place, said, I normally leave a list of suggestions, don’t have any for your team.  How awesome is that?  We take safety seriously at the Frog.
  • Have you been to our facebook page?  http://www.facebook.com/onefatfrogrestaurantequipment
  • Have you been to our instagram?  OneFatFrog
  • How about Twitter? OneFatFrog
  • There’s a new restaurant equipment baby in town.  He’s not mine.  I did not pop him out, procreate or even conceive him in my heart.  This little blonde hair blue eyed dude belongs to our GM John.  You’ll see the baby’s picture out and about on our social media.  He’s our newest in-house model.  Love that kid!  Was a funny moment when a friend came in and said, so you had another kid this year?  No, I have plenty at home right now.  We’re the house of girls aka house of estrogen.
  • A little bird told me the HR Manager’s son is going to do a skateboarder shoot with restaurant equipment at the Frog- because we’re awesome like that.  Look forward to pictures and a billboard of this kid doing amazing things our insurance agent probably won’t like with restaurant equipment, liftgates and refrigeration.

That’s enough for tonite.  I’ll write more tomorrow

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