Guess who doesn’t grill their ‘grilled chicken’

One Fat Frog loves grilled chicken! Who doesn’t? We like to get ours at Pollo Tropical.

Mmmmm. 'Grilled' Chicken!
Mmmmm. ‘Grilled’ Chicken!

Doesn’t that grilled chicken look delicious?

One problem though – it’s not grilled!

A reliable source just told One Fat Frog that Pollo Tropical actually cooks all their chicken in a Combi oven! The shock! The horror! The scandal!

Apparently they only use the grill to mark it. Who knew?! But you know what? We think we’re okay with this. In fact it kind of explains how they keep it so moist and delicious!

Never heard of a combi? Read about them here.

Or get technical and check out some combi manufacturers:

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