Froggy Restaurant Startup: La Femme du Fromage

We Frogs love our cheese. Yeah, I know that’s not typical food for a frog, but we at One Fat Frog love pretty much every kind of food. Except mushrooms.* I’m not even sure they’re safe for human consumption.

Anyway, one of the great things about working at One Fat Frog is that we have the opportunity of helping people realize their dreams. People come in from all around the state (and sometimes from out of state) because they have a dream of opening a restaurant startup. The self-proclaimed “Cheese Lady” at La Femme du Fromage is no different.

Here are some pictures of One Fat Frog equipment being delivered to the Cheese Lady (her real name is Tonda, by the way). In the coming weeks look for a full interview with Tonda about La Femme du Fromage and her love of cheese.

image photo

image 3

* This anti-mushroom comment reflects the view of the writer of this blog post alone, and not One Fat Frog as a company.

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