Coffee shop customers scared by Carrie prank

The folks at One Fat Frog love movies almost as much as we love dining. So we were pretty excited when we found the Carrie viral video that is making its rounds around the Internet. In a brilliant guerrilla marketing move, a marketing company hired to promote the upcoming remake of Carrie decided to prank customers at a coffee shop and make them think that a vengeance-seeking telepath was in the midst.

With a pulley system, spring-loaded books and pictures, and radio-controlled furniture, a marketing company called Thinkmodo rigged a New York City coffee shop to pull off the paranormal. They also had some actors on site to act all “what the what!” when they see freaky things happen, just to greater fuel the illusion. Once a woman got upset over spilled coffee, all hell broke loose and the unsuspecting customers freaked.

It’s easy to see the video and think “I wouldn’t have been fooled,” but don’t be so sure. If you see some freaky stuff like that and everyone around you is freaking out, even the bravest Frog could get scared. There’s no shame in that.

This was a marketing campaign that is paying off on all sides. The movie, which is the second remake of the 1976 classic based on Stephen King’s debut novel, is getting a lot more buzz than it otherwise would. The coffee shop is also getting good publicity and has seen an increase in customers since the prank (which, obviously they were in on). And the marketing company is getting attention within the industry and even a little outside the industry. (Just how often do places like USA Today write about marketing companies?)

This Frog will admit that I kind of want to see the movie now. I also know I’ll be more careful the next time I’m at a coffee shop to make sure I don’t make anyone angry.

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