One Fat Frog to go pink

In the spirit of promoting breast cancer research and awareness, One Fat Frog is going pink tomorrow. The entire staff will be decked out in pink shirts to support the cause, as will our electronic billboard. Today our special pink shirts arrived and everyone was excited to see them. Well, almost everyone.

One team member, we’ll call him Biker Frog, wasn’t thrilled. Biker Frog is a guy who spends his working hours playing with fire and then hops on his Harley, heads to a rough hole-in-the-wall bar and plays pool, listens to some Johnny Cash on the jukebox, and does whatever tough biker guys like to do. Well, Biker Frog said something about not wanting to wear anything pink and then made some sort of threat.

I stayed away from him after that. I was asked to interview him for this blog and ask him why’s such a big, tough guy is afraid of wearing pink. It didn’t happen, though. Biker Frog works with a welding torch all day and I’m pretty sure if he got angry enough with me, he could make sure no one finds the body. So I didn’t ask. Maybe he has repressed a traumatic event at a Disney princess birthday party. Maybe he got a bad case of conjunctivitis once. Maybe it has something to do with a horrible bubble gum accident.

Sadly, we’ll never know for sure, because I’m afraid to ask Biker Frog. So tomorrow the entire staff will wear pink except possibly for Biker Frog. Maybe he would think differently if he saw this…

Pink Harley

Yup, it’s a pink Harley.

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