Restaurant startup tip: Get the best cooking equipment

American Range fryer
American Range fryer

So you want to start a restaurant business? Maybe it’s something you’ve been planning for years as you made your way through business school. Maybe every time you serve brownies at your weekly book club meetings, your friends tell all say that you should open up a bakery.  Maybe you noticed an awful lot of strangers wandering into your tailgate party to get those famous brats. Whatever your reason, we at One Fat Frog are big fans of brownies, bratwurst, and tailgating for that matter, so we applaud your decision to begin a restaurant startup.

Whatever the reason for this career decision, there are probably a lot of things going through the mind of a restaurant entrepreneur. What will the theme be? What will be on the restaurant menu? How do I attract investors? You probably haven’t put a lot of thought into the cooking equipment, but you should. Chopin wouldn’t have performed a concert on a xylophone. Michelangelo didn’t take on the Sistine Chapel with a handful of crayons. Neither should your restaurant’s master chef be expected to treat your customers to culinary delights using inferior restaurant equipment. So sayeth the Frog.

You can use the finest gourmet ingredients, but if cooked in an Easy-Bake oven, it won’t make much difference. One of the most important parts of your restaurant is the cooking equipment. You need to use the best restaurant cooking equipment. Good cooking equipment gets your food cooked faster, more precisely, and more efficiently. That’s why we at One Fat Frog hold all of our cooking equipment, whether new or used, to the highest standard. That’s not to say that buying your equipment guarantees you’ll have satisfied customers, but this way you know your cooks are given the right material to work with. You can worry about themes, menus and investors; leave the equipment to your friends at One Fat Frog.

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