World news: Russian restaurant has twins theme

One Fat Frog loves themes. Seriously, have you noticed all of the frogs in our office? Having the right theme can make or break a restaurant. A clever and well-executed restaurant theme can help a restaurant stand out from its competition, even if the actual food being served is no better. Even the smartest restaurant entrepreneur sees themed restaurants so often that they don’t even recognize them as themes anymore, whether it’s the country theme of a steakhouse or the retro theme of a classic diner. One new restaurant in Russia, though, is turning heads for its novel idea.

Located in Moscow, Twin Stars Diner likes to do things in twos. As part of the theme, all of the restaurant servers and bartenders are identical twins dressed alike. Surely that leads to diners mistakenly asking for help from someone who isn’t their own server, but that happens all the time anyway, right? The restaurant’s owner, Alexei Khodorkovsky, said that the biggest issue he’s had with the theme is finding enough identical pars for the job, but since buzz about the new restaurant is traveling worldwide, the Frog is guessing he thinks it was worth the trouble.

The identical twins theme of Twin Stars is based on a 1964 Soviet film named Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors. Don’t worry; your friends at One Fat Frog checked IMDB for you. The movie, directed by Aleksandr Rou, is a fairy tale about a girl who finds a doppelganger in her mirror and uses it to travel to a mysterious realm. So it’s kind of like Alice in Wonderland but a little stranger and a lot more Russian. The biggest question for diners in this restaurant is, do you have to tip double? The Frog will leave that answer up to you.

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