Restaurant startup tip: The signature menu item

One Fat Frog loves signature menu items

The restaurant menu is one of the most important aspects for the restaurant entrepreneur to consider. Location, theme, and ambiance are all important aspects of your bar or restaurant startup, but when customers are deciding where to eat they usually have one thing on their mind: food. Well, let’s be honest. For this Frog, food is the one thing on my mind not only when I’m deciding where to eat, but also when I’m working, when I’m driving, and sometimes even when I’m sleeping. Maybe that’s why the One Fat Frog company nutritionist keeps lecturing me.

Anyway, it’s one thing for your restaurant startup to have a good menu with a lot of good menu items. It’s another thing for it to have that something special – that signature menu item. We’re talking about the menu item so good that people have to go to your restaurant startup specifically for that. The menu item becomes synonymous with your restaurant. Customers will flock to your restaurant because they have a craving that only your signature menu item can satisfy.

There are a lot of good sub restaurants, but today this Frog got lunch at Firehouse Subs instead of anywhere else. Why? Because their signature cherry limeade makes my taste buds stand up and do a celebratory dance like a linebacker after sacking the quarterback. Seriously, if any bartender could mix a cocktail half as good as that cherry limeade, this Fat Frog would be a raging alcoholic.

For this Frog’s money, there is no Mediterranean food better than the steak shawarma at Whitewood Mediterranean Grill. It’s like God up in heaven slow cooked the steak, seasoned it with spices known only to angels, and then dropped it from the sky like manna onto your plate. Whenever this Frog craves Mediterranean food, guess where I go?

When you go to start a new bar or restaurant business, a lot of thought will go into the menu. Signature items often happen organically, with the restaurant entrepreneur having no idea it would be the most popular thing on the menu. If you can come up with something uniquely amazing, though, you’ll start with a leg up. And if you do, be sure to let One Fat Frog know about your signature menu item. Despite what our company nutritionist says, it never hurts to find a new favorite place to eat.

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